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Breaking the Rules: Challenging Blogging Norms to Stand Out

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In a world filled with endless streams of content, breaking through the noise can be a challenge for any blogger. With a sea of voices clamoring for attention, how can we set ourselves apart to reach our target audience and create meaningful connections? The answer just might lie in

3 Tips for Starting a Blog

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Blogging is a wonderful industry because you’re able to follow your passions, reach other people with similar interests, and if you’re persistent you can even turn it into a full time job. If you’re new to blogging, getting started can feel downright overwhelming, especially because there are so many

5 Simple Tips to Get 1000 Shares on your Next Blog Post

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Get 1,000 Shares on your Next Blog Post: Here’s How to Do It How will you be able to measure your success in blogging? While there are many metrics that can provide you with statistical data to assess the performance of your online content, one of the best would

5 Content Repurposing Tips

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Source: CJG Digital Marketing “Creating new content on a regular basis is not an easy task, specifically if you are new in this field. With many industry experts saying that in order to stay on track, you should create x number of content within a week, which is quite exhausting

The Hidden Value of Long Tail SEO

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Long tail SEO is a white-hat SEO process that involves targeting less competitive, highly specific search terms (long tail key-words) Since over 70% of all search queries are for long tail terms, there is incredible value in taking control of those keywords. Having a scalable strategy to target and

7 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

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Blogs are an important part of the internet today with over 410 million people reading more than 17.6 billion blog pages every month. People who are just starting out may have received some bad advice on how to become as popular as their largest competitors. It is essential for

Growing a Well Balanced Blog: Infographic

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Only the finest ingredients! Starting a blog and effectively growing one to the point where you are making some decent ad revenue is not easy. The age old story of a hopeful internet marketer trying to make a living off of a website has been experienced too many times by