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Affiliate Marketing For Social Media Influencers

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Are you a social media influencer seeking a means to monetize your content? If that’s the case, affiliate marketing could be the solution. In this blog post, we’ll clarify what affiliate marketing is and how to begin. Additionally, we’ll offer five expert recommendations for succeeding as a social media

The Role Of Content Marketing In Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online. However, to achieve success, you must comprehend the role of content marketing. In this blog post, we’ll delve into affiliate marketing, explain how content marketing strategies aid in success, and offer tips for content marketing and affiliate triumph. By

The Advertising Industry is Cleaning Up

The Advertising Industry is Cleaning Up Advertisers, consumers, and publishers are at a loss when it comes to advertising. Consumers are often exposed to ads that are irrelevant and they have to worry about data harvesters profiting off of their personal information, publishers use bot farms to boost their

Blockchain Facilitates Higher Quality Data for Advertisers

As advertising and marketing becomes increasingly targeted, companies are beginning to focus more on data quality. This is to not only ensure that impressions are real and not made by bots, but that information collected about users is accurate. A writer for The Atlantic explored the quality of online

5 Trends that Will Shape Digital Advertising in 2018

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Simplaex, the The AI-First App Retargeting that allows you to Identify high-value users and re-engage them with personalized content, Deliver the right ads to the right person, at precisely the right moment and overall Boost your lifetime customer value by keeping users on your app longer created a great

Blockchain in Digital Advertising: An Overview

Blockchain in digital advertising is a hot subject. The global ad industry will hit $563.4 billion in 2017 as digital drives growth, and TV spends being overtaken by digital in 2018. With the increasing spend comes new advertising platforms and trading platforms that focus on offering ad operations optimisation