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Will You Lose Your Job to Automation?

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Once upon a time this question would have never been posed. Or, it would have just been reserved for the movies. Will you lose your job to automation? Now, automation is a big reality and something that will affect some sectors more than others. There are some jobs that

4 Tips for Automating on Social Media

Social media and automation are scary words for many internet marketers. Do you know the best ways for automating on social media? When done correctly the results can be immense. On the other hand, when social media is automated ineffectively, your customers will notice and move on. Salesforce created

How to Automate Twitter Tweets on HootSuite

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Why automate Twitter Tweets with Hootsuite? Hootsuite is a powerful automation tool for social media marketers and blog owners who want a steady growing source of page views from social traffic. If you have a blog with over a hundred articles it is key that you are sending them

HootSuite Mobile Application Functions and Tools

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HootSuite Mobile is a powerful automation tool HootSuite is an amazing social media automation tool primarily used for Facebook and twitter that allows a user to create and schedule tweets and posts in a seamless and effective fashion. Users are able to target specific audiences and test what times