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Life At the Appnexus Offices!

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What is it like to work at AppNexus? CEO Brian O’Kelly invented one of the largest and most fully developed open real time digital media exchange platforms. AppNexus is more then one of the most important digital advertising technologies ever invented. If you have never been to the office before, you are missing out..

How viewability works on AppNexus

Kevin Solinger, A product manager at AppNexus, one of the largest programmatic ad exchanges, takes a moment out of his busy day to talk to us about view-ability. AppNexus has taken many strides to become an industry leader in viewability such as it’s acquisition of viewable impression technology company Alenty. 

10 Reasons to Work in AdTech

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  Digital ad agencies are great companies to work for in this day and age. Here is a list of the top 10 reasons why you should work for a digital advertising company. One Casual dress code – Most digital ad agencies in 2014 have a loose dress code. Employees generally

AppNexus is Acquiring Viewable Impression Firm Alenty

AppNexus – Bolstering it’s product offering AppNexus is making big moves and has just purchased french based viewable impression firm Alenty, that claims to have developed the first accepted technology to measure impressions that are guaranteed to be “viewed” by a user. A viewable impressionis considered “viewable” if it

AppNexus Releases Next Generation Media Buying Console

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AppNexus, a New York City based display and mobile online advertising trading platform has officially set live the next generation of its UI called AppNexus The Next Generation. The New console has been in development for a while now and has a slew of promising features. The goal of

Best Company Office Environments: AppNexus

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AppNexus is an online advertising marketplace which allows advertisers and publishers to buy and sell inventory with the usage of real time bidding technology. AppNexus is a central piece of the digital advertising landscape and have a company culture that encompasses the innovation that the industry encompasses. One trip to

AppNexus: Programmatic Ad Exchange

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What is AppNexus? AppNexus is an advertising technology company in NYC that built a platform for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell their online display inventory in real time which is known as as Real-Time Bidding.  AppNexus also provides data management, optimization tools, granular reporting for all aspects of

Analyzing a Publisher’s Performance Metrics

In online advertising reporting and analysis is a big part of determining weather a campaign is successful or not in both the short and long term. I have used many reporting systems during my career in the online ad space and my favorite by far is Appnexus. It is