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Apple Watch Advertisement

Author: | Categories: Uncategorized No comments Apples New Watch Ad Apple does not need to speak any words to describe the awesomeness of the Apple watch in their first advertisement for the product. On April 4th, 2015 Apple is releasing the watch for sale to the general public. The Apple watch has been long anticipated

Apple’s iAd To Adopt Programmatic

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Apple’s iAd To Adopt Programmatic Programmatic and Apple Colliding Apple is giving it’s small digital ad network a major infusion of technology as Apple announced they will be pivoting with the iAd adoption of programmatic and a partnership with one of the largest SSP’s, The Rubicon Project. Apple has been

Apple To Mitigate Texting While Walking Epidemic: Transparent Texting

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Texting and walking. It’s a problem that a large percentage of the population faces. Your walking down the street, not looking ahead, glued to your cellular device trying to send a test, look up data on your internet browser or explore your favorite app. You know texting while walking is

Items we want: Apple Pure Gold iPhone 5S

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If you really want to go over the top and hold the title of having the most expensive phone among, your family, friends and co workers, shell out a quick $3500 at goldgenie and hope you do not drop your device it in the toilet, loose it at a party,

What Does Apple Do Well: An Analysis

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The Foundations of Strategic Management The foundations of strategic management are important to apples success and can be seen in the framework of the company. Apple analyzed it’s external environment and understood what it’s customers wanted. From this they created user friendly products that are energy efficient, portable (the

Apple to Hire Creative Marketing Specialists

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Apple Will Invest Heavily In Creative Marketing Professionals Longtime follows of Apple operations say after years of limiting the the pool of talent from within Apple, the longtime technology powerhouse has plans to grow its in-house creative group. An  executive who knows the thinking of upper management of apple