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Secrets on How to Take Advantage of Google Play App Store Search Ads

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Are you looking to launch a brand new app soon? Do you want your app to stand out on the Google Play Store? Then you need to use the Google Play App Store Search Ads.  There are over 2 million different apps in Google Play today. With this sheer

7 Best Free Sleep Apps for iPhone & Android

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Introduction: Sleep Apps for iPhone and Android No doubt, sleeping is one thing we all want to do at some point in the day – particularly at night. Whether it be intermittent naps or a long hourly and refreshing sleep, at some point, we just want to have it;

11 Smart Home Tech Ideas in 2020

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When we talk about technology, it’s not just all about the latest trend of mobile devices where an emoji guide is also innovating, those gadgets, wearables, etc. It can also be about your home becoming a smart home. Having a smart home means you use Internet-connected devices to remotely

3 Effective App Marketing Strategies for Tech Startups in 2020

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With all the tools available nowadays, creating a start-up project has become as easy as falling off a log. However, making said project work out for you is an entirely different thing. The easy creation process for start-ups means incredibly fierce competition in any field. It means that you’ll

Mobile App Engagement Infographic

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Almost everyone has a smart phone in this day and age and adoption rates continue to increase exponentially. AppLift, a well-known data driven App monetization network created this infographic that shows key trends breaking down app usage for certain behaviors. Infographic Summary News – Morning Commuters Morning commuters more

Mobile Viewability Made Simple “If customers can’t see it your wasting your money” – Millennial Media The Evolution of Viewability The digital advertising dream: for marketers to be confident that the ad impressions they are paying for with cold hard cash are 100% viewable by the potential customer. Who would wan’t to pay – An Educational Stock Market App for All

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Forget Textbooks, App is here to Stay! What is the App? If you are new to the world of buying and selling stocks, it can be daunting to understand how the stock market works from the basic and advanced concepts and the strategies to pick the best

HootSuite Mobile Application Functions and Tools

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HootSuite Mobile is a powerful automation tool HootSuite is an amazing social media automation tool primarily used for Facebook and twitter that allows a user to create and schedule tweets and posts in a seamless and effective fashion. Users are able to target specific audiences and test what times