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Apple Watch Advertisement

Author: | Categories: Uncategorized No comments Apples New Watch Ad Apple does not need to speak any words to describe the awesomeness of the Apple watch in their first advertisement for the product. On April 4th, 2015 Apple is releasing the watch for sale to the general public. The Apple watch has been long anticipated

Tom Brady DailyMVP Advertisement

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Tom Brady Quarterbacks for DailyMVP Fantasy sports are being taken to the next level with Tom Brady and the new app DailyMVP, that makes it easy to play your friends in fantasy sports for money and glory. Not a bad Gig for Tom at this point in his life. Download DailyMVP

Coca Cola Friendly Twist Digital Campaign

Author: | Categories: Uncategorized No comments Coca Cola has recently been on top of their viral digital campaigns and have been garnering much of attention from different demographics worldwide. In Coke’s recent campaign called Friendly Twist, they create unique bottles for a college Freshmen class with caps that require another special coke bottle to act as a key to

What an Advertisement for NYC would look like

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“Times Square, New York City” “In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you cant do” (Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z/ Alicia Keys) Taking A Bite of the Big Apple Welcome to the Big Apple: the city that never sleeps–the melting pot of the

Coin Positions Itself to be the Premiere Payment System

Author: | Categories: Uncategorized No comments Recently a start-up company called coin is positioning itself to change the world of payments. Imagine having all of your credit cards, in one electronic card that changes your payment option with a click of the button. My first instinct when hearing about this revolutionary product is to question

Moscow Subways Accepting Squats as Payment for Tickets

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If your a commuter in Moscow, Russia you probably noticed some fancy new ticket machines. Instead of accepting money, the cost of a one way trip is 30 squats. This is a genius promotion for the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympic games and has already going viral on the web.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Marketing Thor to Women Trailer

Author: | Categories: Uncategorized No comments Jimmy Kimmel and his crew create a parody that transforms the trailer for Thor: The Dark World that just hit theaters into a romantic comedy called “Thor Actually” with the target audience being women. The trailer strikes a spot on resemblance to most of the cookie-cutter romantic movies