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The Advertising Industry is Cleaning Up

The Advertising Industry is Cleaning Up Advertisers, consumers, and publishers are at a loss when it comes to advertising. Consumers are often exposed to ads that are irrelevant and they have to worry about data harvesters profiting off of their personal information, publishers use bot farms to boost their

7 Tips to Consider When Choosing a DSP

Seven Points To Consider When Launching Your Programmatic Buying Practice And Choosing Demand Side Platform Partners What do we look for when choosing a DSP? Programmatic ad buying represents 78% of $31.87B display advertising ecosystem according to eMarketer. The ecosystem is sophisticated, which is great because that means there

Top 1500 Retail & E-Commerce Business Web Analytics Technology Adoption Report

Top 1500 Retail & E-Commerce Business Technology Adoption Report Companies are always faced with a challenge when trying to identify the right software for their business objectives. With all the different functions companies are required to perform, it sometimes seems overwhelming when choosing from the exponentially growing list of

Mobile Native Advertising Basics for Success

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Mobile Native Advertising is defined as a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience. Thank you PubNative  for the awesome infographic! Summary: Publishers from all application verticals are able to integrate multiple customized ad units as defined by the IAB

How an Ad Server Works

Author: | Categories: Definitions No comments How does an Ad Server work? When a user decides to go online, they type the URL in their browser that they want to visit. The media owner, who owns the website, probably has their site hosted on a shared web server from a company like GoDaddy or

adtech New York 2014 Preview

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It’s that time of the year again for the whole digital advertising ecosystem to converge at the the historic Javits center in New York City for ad:tech 2014. How to get to AdTech NY What is adtech NY? ad:tech New York is a once a year conference at the

What a Publisher Development Manager Does

What is it like being a Publisher Development Account Manager? A digital publisher development manager is a position that is in high demand for prospects new to the industry as well as experienced online advertising professionals. The driving force for the growth and need for this role in many digital media

Google Purchases to combat Digital Fraud

Google has made a point how serious they are against online fraud from robots that crawl the web and rob advertisers of ad dollars by purchasing the London based company (TechCrunch) The company is three years old and has technology that Google can build upon to create a robust