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4 Steps To Prevent Digital Fraud In Your Business

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Getting your business to operate at it’s best takes a lot of planning. From your product to your marketing, not to mention cashflow and even people management. But there’s one factor that many business owners overlook, and that’s avoiding fraud. Internet based fraud has grown to become a billion

Exogroup Ramps up It’s Investment in AdSecure

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Barcelona, 12 March 2019. EXOGROUP, the digital technology enterprise business group, today announced it is making a further significant investment in its online ad verification technology company AdSecure. AdSecure was launched in 2017 to provide ad networks and publishers with ad scanning technology to ensure safe, compliant and malware

The Advertising Industry is Cleaning Up

The Advertising Industry is Cleaning Up Advertisers, consumers, and publishers are at a loss when it comes to advertising. Consumers are often exposed to ads that are irrelevant and they have to worry about data harvesters profiting off of their personal information, publishers use bot farms to boost their

How Click Fraud Is Costing The PPC Industry Billions

How Click Fraud Is Costing The PPC Industry Billions Ever since the introduction of pay per click ads back in the early 2000’s their popularity and use has taken off significantly. With the ability to allow any business to advertise their products and services online, it’s easy to see

Why Understanding Click Fraud is Important

Why is Understanding Click Fraud Important? Digital advertising is not only a highly effective way of reaching your target audience, but it has also one of the billion dollar industries today. However, the real question remains whether all those clicks or views are actually being generated by your real

Preventing Fraud in Programmatic Advertising

Fraud in Programmatic Advertising Marco Muzzi from AcquityAds is one of the good guys in the digital advertising Industry. His educational video is spot on in educating the public about what digital advertising fraud is in Programmatic, also known as Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and the preventative measures used to combat fraud.