Sapphirum is a CPA ,CPC and CPM advertising network which has a high performing desktop traffic monetization engine. Their Smartlink system allows a webmaster to maximize their revenue using CPA, CPC, CPM offers.

Sapphirum Contact Information

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Sapphirum Network is one the best platforms providing assistance to Publishers and Advertisers on a single unit by it’s latest mechanism and advanced clicking system.   Futhermore, detection policy is strict and system is very sensitive to measure spam traffic what provides getting quality traffic.

Sapphirum Payment Proof

As you can see, publishers are earning very premium CPM’s up to $10.00 for their traffic.

With Sapphirum you can get signed up in less than 60 seconds and get your account instant approval.

You can chose your own plan of monetization such as CPA, CPM or Revenue Share.

You get paid Bi-Weekly with minimum payout of only $50 which is extremely convenient.

Let’s see what else makes Sapphirum useful for you:

  • Easy to set up codes
  • clear and simple income statistic
  • all traffic monetisation
  • fast payouts
  • referral program
  • API integration
  • support available 24/7

Make right choice immediately and first 50$ performance will be send NEXT DAY without any holds! (Limited Offer)