Payme0 Overview

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Payme0 is a central hub where anyone looking to invest online, can safely buy a 100% automated website. Payme0 has a wide variety of sites that earn revenue including dropship, authority, turnkey, affiliate, adsense and readymade sites.

With Payme0, you do not need to worry about after sale success as the sites are proven revenue generators. When investing in websites, it’s important to not lay all of your eggs in one basket. Payme0 offers packs of 10+ websites to diversify your portfolio.

There is 0 risk: Failing Sites will be replaced with new websites, eventually all of the sites in your portfolio will make a profit. Each site you own will be tested on a small scale digital advertising budget, to ensure users are converting along with daily and weekly reporting to understand exactly what is going on with your sites. You don’t have to pay until you get paid! The charge is 30% of net profit.

What kind of sites can I buy?

Dropship sites: These sites sell a specific service to to customers. Sit back, watch the leads come in and sell (or resell) digital services.

Authority Sites: Create long time value and revenue with a high quality authority site respected by users.

Microniche Sites: Own a site tailored specifically to a few key words. When customers type in something specific in Google, they will land on your site. Microniche sites historically have high conversion rates.

Affiliate Sites: Affiliate sites are their specialty and have potential for some of the highest profit margins.

Turnkey Sites: Have a team of SEO and Content writers or free time? Buy their ready made/ turnkey websites & start profiting.

AdSense Sites: Ready made sites that are prime to place AdSense, or other programmatic ad network banners on.

Affiliate Program

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Payme0 has an affiliate program which allows affiliates of the Payme0 platform earn 10% comission on any pack that is sold!. Here are the payout tiers: