How Dealerships Can Use Digital Marketing to Sell Vehicles

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It’s important for all businesses in this modern world to be online. Customers are online and using the internet multiple times a day, therefore companies need to use digital marketing as part of their overall strategy.

Even though car dealerships have a physical presence, they can utilize digital marketing to sell more vehicles. Getting more people into their door to close the sale is the main goal when car dealerships use digital marketing. A big advantage of digital marketing is that it can be low-cost to still be effective. Here are five ways car dealerships can use digital marketing to increase sales.

Website Optimizations

Make sure your website is not just up-to-date and routinely maintained for standard use such as page loading time, but that your car dealership website is packed with features that can help customers. Promote any specials going on at your dealership on the homepage of your website. Showcase the latest inventory that you receive. Make it easy for customers to communicate with you via website inquiry form, email, and live chat through your website.

Car Shopping Guides

Take advantage of working with car shopping guides. When a customer searches for a particular vehicle on a car shopping guide website, they will input their zip code and then dealerships who have that particular car in stock will show up in the results. This is a direct way to reach more customers who are looking for the exact inventory that you have available. Car shopping guides are a great resource that connects shoppers with dealerships.

Social Media

A social media presence is another aspect of digital marketing that car dealerships might overlook. However, most people are on social media nowadays, regardless of age or demographic. Create social media pages and regularly post about the events, news, promotions, and new inventory that arrives. This gives customers a chance to look at what you have to offer so that they become interested in visiting your car dealership versus going to a local competitor.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a no-cost way to stay connected to customers. If you offer a service center, send emails to your email list to remind them to make an appointment for their routine maintenance. Send an email newsletter every time you have a big holiday sales promotion since people are typically on the lookout for holiday savings events. Promote upcoming events at your dealership with an email blast. People want to know about what’s happening and email marketing is an easy way to communicate the latest news from your car dealership.

Paid Advertising

If you want to open the floodgates and get as many people into the door as possible, then look into investing in paid online advertising. There are many websites and social media platforms that offer reasonably priced paid advertising opportunities. The advantage of utilizing paid advertising is that you can increase the number of people that you get your business in front of. The more people who know about your dealership, the more people will come through your door.

People love the experience of going to a car dealership, looking at the inventory, and test-driving their favorite vehicles in order to make a purchase decision. The more people you can get to visit your location through digital marketing, the higher your sales will increase and your business will succeed.