How Video Marketing Can Help Your Dental Business

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Dental care is in high demand and this demand is growing since the pandemic. The competition for dental care makes it very important for dentists to use the most effective ways to market their services. Video marketing is key to building your brand, especially in an era in which social media platforms and streaming channels are increasingly used by the public to find information. Viewership on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and other platforms has soared. Video is the dominant form of marketing content of our time and dentists need to use video marketing to get ahead.

The Importance of Social Proof

The effectiveness of video marketing became truly clear when TikTok was launched. Although Instagram, Facebook and YouTube have all enabled video marketing, TikTok’s introduction of short, viral videos allowed creators to grow at rates that were unheard of before.

Dentists saw the potential of video marketing to build large followings, and convert some proportion of that to patients. Growing the number of followers is important as a source of social proof for dentists. Social proof tells prospective followers and patients that it is okay to follow the dentist and become a patient, because so many other people have done so already. Replicating that kind of social proof without video marketing is much, much harder.
Dentists that are skilled at using video marketing have an edge over other dentists. When a prospective follower or patient is choosing between two dentists, the one who has more followers and more Google reviews will seem to be the better dentist.

Video Marketing Improves the Chances of Getting New Patients

The biggest demographic on social media platforms are millennials, with Gen Xers a growing part of the social media world. Dentists are also business people and what better way to grow their patient base than going to the platforms where millenials are in large numbers. Marketing is easier when a business meets its customers where they are.

The best dentists have all recognised the importance of video marketing and have used TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms to grow their customer base. Video marketing is effective because it does not place huge demands on viewers to digest the content. Viewers can digest the information while doing something else and videos are just more engaging than written content or purely audio content.

Video marketing is especially effective because platforms such as TikTok and Instagram are very good at making content viral. This is especially true of TikTok. This is because those platforms use algorithms to match content to the users who are most likely to appreciate that content. So, for instance, a TikTok user who is looking for dental services, will be directed toward dental content in a natural way. That kind of matching of user to content is well nigh impossible to do with any other marketing form. So, dentists who make video content will find it easier to find users who are actively seeking dental content. This is a vital edge as dentists work to get new followers and patients.