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Motivations for Sharing 3rd Party Content on Facebook

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This survey conducted by Fractl, a content marketing agency, gives granular insights into why people share specifically 3rd party content Facebook. See Also: 5 Tips for Optimized Pinterest Pins Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet 8 Productivity Hacks from Linkedin Influencers Infographic Summary Primary Reasons People Share Content on Facebook

How to Advertise to Custom Audiences on Facebook

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Salesforce created this great infographic delving into the statistics around how to advertise to custom audiences on Facebook. Related Infographics How is Facebook Content Moderated Does Facebook Steal Video Impressions? 10 Most Annoying People on Facebook Infographic Summary There are more than 2 million active advertisers on Facebook and this is

Does Facebook Steal Video Impressions?

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 Facebook sees on average 8 billion video views a day. In Q1 of 2015 725 of 1000 of the most viewed videos on Facebook were claimed to be stolen. This pans out to 17 billion views! What happens is that content aggregates steal a viral video from the source

Facebook is creating a Youtube on Facebook

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Facebook is creating a YouTube on Facebook You may have noticed that video’s on your Facebook feed has become much more prevalent and a regular part of every day Facebooking. In between posts you see a mix of video’s with other content, but maybe you want to just see videos? Facebook

How is Facebook Content Moderated?

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The Internet is full of offensive content, and social media is no different. Facebook is one of many social networks that tries to clean up our newsfeeds so we can enjoy baby photos and funny videos without having to filter though the scariest the web has to offer. Source: WhoIsHostingThis
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