PopAdup is a real-time advertising exchange for global pop and audience traffic. The company was build by digital advertising veterans and is focused on achieving maximum results, conversion and ROI for advertisers and publishers of all kinds. You are able to start for as little as .001 and instant campaign approval. You can also check out their blog for professional information on campaign optimzation.

PopAdUp is used every day by a variety of ad ops and media professionals such as affiliate managers who have several offers or are looking to arbitrage, advertisers looking for high quality conversions, advertisers that need user engagement such a page views, time on site, or other metrics and media buyers such as ad networks and agencies. Their user interface is easy to use and effortless.

In 2017, ad fraud is in the spotlight and you should only work with companies that take ad fraud very seriously. Your in lick with PopAdup because theu use multiple 3rd party vendors to combat fraud.

Some of the vendors they use:

  • ComScore
  • Integral Ad Science
  • Moat
  • Adometry
  • Forensiq

You are able to use advanced filters to further eliminate fraud and feel secure that your campaign will be seeing real humans.

Ad Units:

When working with them, you are able to set your campaigns through a variety of high performing ad formats which include:

  • Pop- Under
  • Pop-Up
  • Interstitial
  • Native
  • Display Banners
  • Mobile

It’s easy to start a campaign with PopAdUp. Check out their video:

Traffic Types

PopAdUp has a variety of different traffic types such as audience engagement by verified users, full page redirect pop under, popup and interstitial ads for desktop and mobile, native ads, display and mobile, pop, native and display. By testing a variety of traffic types you can hone in on optimal performance and  increase conversion rate for offers on CPA/CPA CPL. The traffic sold on a CPM/CPC basis.

Additional Features:

  • Pop Campaigns with Conversion Goals,
  • Browser Targeting – OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and more
  • Source Sampling – Limit visits per source
  • GEO Targeting – Over 194 countries to target
  • Macros Targeting – Get better results and transparency
  • IP Blocking
  • Budget Control
  • Domain Targeting
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Live Support

Sign up and give them a shot today!