Review and 10% Bonus Earnings Coupon for Publishers, founded in 2012 is one of the top 3 strongest most trusted ad networks globally. In fact, if you have not heard, In the 3rd largest AdTech acquisition deal ever, was acquired for over 900 million dollars in 2017 by the Miteno corporation. This is a testament to the immense success has had working with publishers and advertisers of all sizes over the years. has partnered with DigitalAdBlog to offer our readers 10% additional revenue for 3 months by signing with the below link:

Benefits for Publishers

As a digital publisher in 2017 you need to make sure that an ad network you are working with is bringing a unique source of demand. exclusively powers Yahoo!’s Bing network which brings direct demand you will find nowhere else. has around 1,000 employees globally making them a powerhouse for publishers focused in the US, UK and Canada. Your website must be in English to be a publisher.

One of the largest benefits of working with as a publisher is that you can expect a 100% Fill rate for your ad inventory. Their system will automatically optimize between their Yahoo! Bing network advertisers and hundreds of other demand partners that compete within their real time bidding system to maximize revenue on every single impression.

Dedicated Account Management

As a publisher you can expect 1st class account management from their global support team. Speaking from personal experience (We work with here on DigitalAdBlog) always gets back to us in less then 24 hours for any questions we have about our account, ad units or performance.

Native Ads

If you are looking for ads that blend with your site to not hinder user experience, has you covered with customized native advertisements that are easy on the eye for the user and generate significant revenue.


Works Well with Other Networks historically has been known as the #1 AdSense Alternative and for a good reason – they straight up perform. Not only will perform as well as AdSense, they can also be used as an additional ad network in your ad stack. can work alongside any other major ad network bringing their unique demand and dedicated account management.

Performs Well on Mobile

Many ad networks do not have high CPM’s on mobile inventory but that is not the case with You can seamlessly turn on mobile ad’s from their UI and effectively monetize your mobile inventory from all devices. All you have to do is click enable, and mobile ads will start serving. Mobile Adhesion Ad Example

They offer a variety of lucrative ad units such as:

  • Highly contextual ads
  • mobile docked units
  • in-content ads,
  • Display ads for all IAB sizes
  • Desktop Interstitial Ads

Benefits for Advertisers

Advertisers can expect the highest quality inventory from some of the most premium and trusted publishers brands such as Yahoo, Forbes, Elle, Reuters, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Fixya, Seventeen and thousands more direct publishers. Their network consists of 151 million searchers in the U.S likely to spend 24% more then the average searcher and can be accessed through your preferred DSP or ad Exchange.

Text Advertising

The Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads program dates back as far as i can remember in digital advertising and is extremely well known by publishers and advertisers worldwide.  Publishers can easily use the self-serve platform to create and custom and fully customize text ad units in minutes!

Display Advertising

As a publisher, you can seamlessly rotate standard IAB display banners in conjunction with text ads. employs industry leading Real Time Bidding technology to drive the highest yield on every impression and optimize spend for advertisers. Ad Unit Creation

Once your site has been approved, you can start creating your ad unit’s right away with their self-service platform.

Ad Unit Creation Process:

  1. Select the size
  2. Name your ad unit
  3. Customize your Skin
  4. Save and get code is not your ordinary ad network. Give them a shot and claim your extra 10% revenue for 3 months! Click the banner below for your Bonus 10% revenue for 3 months!