Going to a digital advertising trade show can be one of the smartest and most rewarding decisions you can make as a digital advertising professional. Here is a list of the most popular ad tech trade shows and 3 reasons why you should attend:



AdMonsters AdMonsters
Digiday Publisher Summit Digiday Publisher Summit
Ad:Tech Ad:Tech
Programmatic IO Programmatic IO
Affiliate Summit Affiliate Summit
Dmexco Dmexco
 Mediapost  Mediapost

If you run a conference and are not on this list, please contact us to be added

1. Networking

Nobody likes sitting at their desk all day to send emails and run reports mindlessly. Office life is boring and getting out to network is extremely important in this relationship driven industry. Ad tech companies of all sizes routinely pay to send their all star employees to drum up new business at conferences. If you are attending, know your product inside out and get a list of what companies and people will be speaking, sponsoring and attending so you can form a plan of attack. Even if you plan on leaving your company, you may meet your next employer over a few drinks at the bar or scheduled 5 minute speed dating sessions.

2. Free Vacation

Many ad tech conferences are at luxurious destinations at a nice hotel. If your company will pay for you to attend a conference, consider it a free vacation! If it’s not frowned upon, you may be able to have your significant other tag along. Who knows, maybe they will close new business for you!

3. Competitive Intelligence

Ad tech conferences are a melting pot of companies, consultants, sponsors, vendors, clients and competitors new and old. They are a prime location to gather important information on how your competitors sell to the market and what makes them successful. When people get drunk, they sometimes unintentionally reveal information that they shouldn’t. People who have mastered the art of attending conferences know not to get too drunk and keep their ears open at all times.