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What is a verified Twitter Account?

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What is a Verified Twitter Account? As of this late, there are roughly 187,000 verified twitter accounts out of the approximately 310 million active monthly users.  On the 19th of July 2016, the company announced that they will be opening the verified feature to every twitter user.  This gives

Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

Author: | Categories: Social, Twitter No comments created a great cheat sheet to give you a solid head start when researching and deploying your Twitter marketing campaign. See Also: Optimal Image Sizes to Share on Social Media 5 Tips to Optimize your Mobile Strategy 5 Tips to Create a Better Instagram Feed Infographic Summary 1.

5 Tips to Optimize Tweets for Brands Presence

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Optimize Your Tweets for Maximum Brands Presence Twitter has over 500 million daily tweets from 317 million active users of which 80% are tweeting and consuming content from the mobile devices. With the rise of mobile, Twitter is a powerful and scale-able platform for marketers to generate and convert leads. Infographic Summary:

Twitter Cards Overview

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Twitter cards allow a user to attach a video, image or other creative media after the standard Twitter maximum 140 text. This ultimately is a large factor in driving more traffic from Twitter.  It’s tough to stand out on twitter with the enormous volume of tweets proliferating the platform each second, but

How to Automate Twitter Tweets on HootSuite

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Why automate Twitter Tweets with Hootsuite? Hootsuite is a powerful automation tool for social media marketers and blog owners who want a steady growing source of page views from social traffic. If you have a blog with over a hundred articles it is key that you are sending them