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What is Google EBDA?

Google EBDA is Google’s answer to the rise of header bidding that has taken the adtech industry by storm over the last two years. EBDA stands for Exchange Bidding Dynamic Allocation. This feature eventually will be available for Google’s ad server, DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers) users. EBDA allows for the

5 Trends that Will Shape Digital Advertising in 2018

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Simplaex, the The AI-First App Retargeting that allows you to Identify high-value users and re-engage them with personalized content, Deliver the right ads to the right person, at precisely the right moment and overall Boost your lifetime customer value by keeping users on your app longer created a great

Transparency in Header Bidding Should be Yesterday’s News

Today’s Guest Post is Sponsored by PubWise is a SaaS application that manages the entire header bidding technology for any website or multiple websites. It eliminates long setup times, optimizes ongoing management, provides best in-class data analytics, and uses real-time optimizations powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Transparency in

Maximizing Revenues with Mobile DSPs

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Maximizing Revenues with Mobile DSPs Guest Post by: Neelam Birthare, Team MobiVisits Gone are the days when advertising was about sponsored, non-personal message dedicated to branding and promotion, modern marketing communication is more accountable, data driven and result-oriented. With the advent of digital marketing and Smartphone, advertising is far

How Click Fraud Is Costing The PPC Industry Billions

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How Click Fraud Is Costing The PPC Industry Billions Ever since the introduction of pay per click ads back in the early 2000’s their popularity and use has taken off significantly. With the ability to allow any business to advertise their products and services online, it’s easy to see