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Guide for UTM Tagging

Guide for UTM Tagging for all Your Marketing Campaigns UTM is short for Urchin Tag Management which is simply attached segments of text to the end of a URL for tracking within your analytics programs. Each portion of your marketing campaigns that is being tracked and analyzed should have its

Top 1500 Retail & E-Commerce Business Web Analytics Technology Adoption Report

Top 1500 Retail & E-Commerce Business Technology Adoption Report Companies are always faced with a challenge when trying to identify the right software for their business objectives. With all the different functions companies are required to perform, it sometimes seems overwhelming when choosing from the exponentially growing list of

29 Tools for a Successful Digital Campaign

Bull Dog Digital Media gives us 29 suggested tools which will help you launch a pristine digital marketing campaign. Share this infographic if you find it helpful! Infographic Summary Expanding your keywords – Every marketing campaign needs effective keyword research and targeting. This is to make sure the right

4 Tips for Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is the explosive growth of a product from a carefully planned and well executed marketing strategy. This guide provides 4  key factors to successfully growth hack your way to success. See Also: Doubling Your Linkedin Connections 15 Real Life Advertising Fails 7 Different Types of Social Media Managers

Tips for Managing Monetization

Outsourced Ad Ops (OAO) a well known ad operations company providing managed solutions for publishers compiled a list of great tips to manage your monetization efforts effectively. See Also: Header Bidding Guide for Dummies 6 Tips for Creating Mobile Friendly Content 8 Productivity Hacks From Linkedin Influencers Tips for