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Google Allows Publishers to Block Sensationalist Ads

Google Allows Publishers to Block Sensationalist Ads Guest Post by: Freelance SEO Essex Sensationalist Clickbait Could Seriously Damage Your SEO New filters unveiled by Google will block sensationalist, misleading or sensitive content, and the impact on SERP rankings could be significant. However savvy we might think ourselves, we have

7 Tips to Consider When Choosing a DSP

Seven Points To Consider When Launching Your Programmatic Buying Practice And Choosing Demand Side Platform Partners Programmatic ad buying represents 78% of $31.87B display advertising ecosystem according to eMarketer. The ecosystem is sophisticated, which is great because that means there is a way to craft a customized trading solution

Artifical Intelligence in Ad Tech: 3 Trends

Today’s Guest Post is Sponsored by AdStair Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the buzzword these days in the Startup World. And why not, it’s optimizing our efficiency in everything we do. So, How can Ad Tech be left behind. Better Ad Tech is key to lower CPC prices, higher click-through rates

Guide for UTM Tagging

Guide for UTM Tagging for all Your Marketing Campaigns UTM is short for Urchin Tag Management which is simply attached segments of text to the end of a URL for tracking within your analytics programs. Each portion of your marketing campaigns that is being tracked and analyzed should have its

Top 1500 Retail & E-Commerce Business Web Analytics Technology Adoption Report

Top 1500 Retail & E-Commerce Business Technology Adoption Report Companies are always faced with a challenge when trying to identify the right software for their business objectives. With all the different functions companies are required to perform, it sometimes seems overwhelming when choosing from the exponentially growing list of