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Blockchain in Digital Advertising

The global ad industry will hit $563.4 billion in 2017 as digital drives growth, and TV spends being overtaken by digital in 2018. With the increasing spend comes new advertising platforms and trading platforms that focus on offering ad operations optimisation and management efficiencies. Forget about the competitors, the

What is Supply Path Optimization? (SPO)

Supply Path Optimization Definition Supply path optimization, also known as SPO at a high level is the practice for a buyer of programmatic ad inventory to optimize the channels they buy impressions through as they purchase inventory. Buyers are able to utilize SPO technology to submit bids that are

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies Infographic The truth is that the Internet presents us with a wide range of different things that we can make quite a lot of money with, and affiliate marketing is definitely one of them. A lot of people, however, seem to be widely unaware of

Online Marketing Basic A-Z Terms

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The ever expanding universe of digital marketing is diverse and most of the time quite unpredictable. It is always important to go back to the building blocks. This infographic gives you a refresher course on the key definitions of digital marketing. Recommended: The 50+ Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2015 Search

What is Programmatic Direct?

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Infographic: Programmatic Direct The Pubmatic blog created a much needed infographic to define programmatic direct. Programmatic Direct really are two concepts combined. Programmatic is the buying and selling of advertising via workflow automation and algorithms. Direct simply means that the buyers and sellers of ad inventory know each other.The term programmatic