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Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies Infographic The truth is that the Internet presents us with a wide range of different things that we can make quite a lot of money with, and affiliate marketing is definitely one of them. A lot of people, however, seem to be widely unaware of

Guide for UTM Tagging

Guide for UTM Tagging for all Your Marketing Campaigns UTM is short for Urchin Tag Management which is simply attached segments of text to the end of a URL for tracking within your analytics programs. Each portion of your marketing campaigns that is being tracked and analyzed should have its

Top 1500 Retail & E-Commerce Business Web Analytics Technology Adoption Report

Top 1500 Retail & E-Commerce Business Technology Adoption Report Companies are always faced with a challenge when trying to identify the right software for their business objectives. With all the different functions companies are required to perform, it sometimes seems overwhelming when choosing from the exponentially growing list of

AdBlock Plus Creates an Ad Network

Eyeo GmbH, the company that operates the most popular ad blocker called Adblock Plus announced today that it will essentially be launching it’s own ad network by partnering with ComboTag. An ad blocking company becoming an ad network sounds hypocritical, right? Well, it’s really happening and the product will

10 Tips to Tame your Task List

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Creating and sticking to an efficient system of creating, tracking and accomplishing tasks of any size is difficult. created a great list of tips to tame your task list plus some apps you can download to help your efforts. Infographic Summary Prioritize Most Important Tasks – Not which