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Google Allows Publishers to Block Sensationalist Ads

Google Allows Publishers to Block Sensationalist Ads Guest Post by: Freelance SEO Essex Sensationalist Clickbait Could Seriously Damage Your SEO New filters unveiled by Google will block sensationalist, misleading or sensitive content, and the impact on SERP rankings could be significant. However savvy we might think ourselves, we have

Blockchain in Digital Advertising

The global ad industry will hit $563.4 billion in 2017 as digital drives growth, and TV spends being overtaken by digital in 2018. With the increasing spend comes new advertising platforms and trading platforms that focus on offering ad operations optimisation and management efficiencies. Forget about the competitors, the

Top Free Resources for Ad Ops Professionals

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If you work in Ad Ops, you know that you are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure your ad stack is flowing and well optimized. If you work on the publisher, supply, demand or vendor side of the business,

What is Supply Path Optimization? (SPO)

Supply Path Optimization Definition Supply path optimization, also known as SPO at a high level is the practice for a buyer of programmatic ad inventory to optimize the channels they buy impressions through as they purchase inventory. Buyers are able to utilize SPO technology to submit bids that are

3 Digital Advertising Trends to Jump On

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John Lincoln from Ignite Visibility created a short and effective informational video explaining three digital advertising trends you should jump on before you miss the boat. Video Summary Video Ads Video is the fastest growing medium online for people to consume content. People are looking for video because they simply