Going “Native” with PayClick Ads Network to maximize income up to 20%

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It is no secret that Digital Advertising is undergoing major changes these days. By this we mean the general shift in format choices and re-estimation of the results achieved through advertising. As the market becomes oversaturated with outdated ad formats as banners and popups, new innovative countermeasures are developed to minimize these formats’ presence on the web. According to the IAB report, 26 percent of desktop users and 15 percent of mobile consumers use ad-block software or browser extensions to remove ads from publishers’ websites. Moreover, perception of a web page has changed dramatically over time: ordinary users developed a phenomenon called “banner blindness”, which prevent ads from being noticed.

Native Advertising – a new innovative approach in Digital Advertising – is capable to address all these issues effectively. Advanced technology makes it possible to show only those kinds of adverts which are appropriate for both end user and site content. Going “Native” with PayClick Ads Network enables both publishers and advertisers to pursue their goals and boosts revenue for both ends.

Is it possible to boost your revenue up to 20% without making changes to your website? Payclick says Yes!

PayClick as one of the most prominent and innovative advertising networks is currently conducting a series of research on effective ads optimization and revenue maximization. Being an expert in Native Advertising PayClick reveals hidden statistics and undiscovered facts known only to the industry leaders and tech professionals. This article alongside with statistics and insights is provided by PayClick.com.

In this article we will cover the issue when an established webmaster not willing to make dramatic changes to his website aims at increasing profit. Before we provided an insight on how to make your numbers rocket with good widget positioning. In short, the CTR of the widget, placed above content is higher by 78.5% than of the same one, placed below content, with corresponding income boost. Today we will provide a solution when change in positioning is not available due to various reasons.

It all started when a new ad format was introduced on the PayClick platform. Before this the only option was to place square images inside the widget. As the new, rectangular format was made available the PayClick Team decided to run a test on how it will affect publisher’s revenue. The results and the statistics gathered took everyone by surprise. Noone ever thought image size could make such difference and affect both users’ perception and publishers’ revenue significantly.

Picture 1. Square ad format

Picture 1 Square Ad Format

Picture 2. Rectangular ad format

The test was run on a major News website with 996,851 views per day. This enabled the system to track every widget´s impression and CTR effectively throughout the whole testing period. The statistics are shown above:

Picture 2. Rectangular ad format

This is common knowledge that the main factor influencing a publisher’s revenue is CTR (click-through-rate). As you can learn from the statistics given above upgrading your widget to new Rectangular format made the CTR rocket up to 20%! This fact is a true game changer: now you can boost your income significantly without applying ANY changes to your website structure or content. Just access[link] your PayClick Admin panel (or register[link] with the system if you haven’t already done it) and monetize your site effectible with the sharpest tool available on the market!

The PayClick team is constantly researching and testing new factors influencing a publisher’s revenue. PayClick partners are always the first to know new insider tips & tricks on effective monetization and online success!

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