Tips for Managing Monetization

Outsourced Ad Ops (OAO) a well known ad operations company providing managed solutions for publishers compiled a list of great tips to manage your monetization efforts effectively.

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Managing Monetization Infographic

Tips for Managing Monetization Infographic Summary

1. CPM Floors
Determine optimal CPM floors for unsold inventory by: section, Segment, season, Ad Size/Type, Geo-Location, Cue-Point, player type, device type
Adjust CPM floors on an ongoing Basis
Lowering floors to increase fill
Increasing floors to increase ad quality
Optimizing floors to maintain the value of your brand
Balancing CPM floors and fill rates to maximize revenue

2. Block lists
Standard creative Types
Video creative types (TrueView, CPAID, etc)
Click-through URLs
Technology Sources
Cookies and Data uses

3. Finding and Turning Off Bad Ads
Tracking Down sources
Turning off the bad ad
Blocking the source and any associated URLs in all demand systems
Reproducing the ad and identifying the demand system by using web debuggers or inspecting elements on the page.

4. Creating Inventory Packages
First-Party audience segments
Third party audience segments
Audience re-targeting
Viewable Inventory packages
Cue-Points (Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll)

5. Configuring Mobile Apps for Programmatic Ad Targeting
Integrating SDKs for the ad server and monetization partners
Exposing device IDs to buyers

6. Configuring Business Rules for Inbentory Packages
CPM Floors
Block Lists
Testing Configurations

7. Configuring Programmatic Video Ads in Live Streams

8. Setting Up Private Deals
Identifying and configuring premium Inventory
Identifying and configuring premium audience packages
Identifying premium targeting options for Standard Ads (first look, viewability, page targeting during the season premiere of a popular show)
Identifying Premium Targeting options for Video Ads (Pre-roll only, first video in playlist, etc)
Inventory forecasting
Negotiating deal terms with buyers
Exposing premium deals to all buyers
Offering premium deals to specific buyers
Configuring private deal offers
Monitoring and optimizing performance of active deals
Building relationships with buyers
Balancing private deal pricing vs. auction bid pressure.
Monitoring drop-off rates on active deals: tracking down inactive buyers, identifying and resolving cause(s) for inactivity

9. Managing Seveal Monetization Partners
Finding and vetting the right demand sources
Finding high quality video demand
Setting, testing and adjusting pass back tags
Setting and adjusting the default/bottom deal
Adjusting priorities
Adjusting frequency caps
Adjusting inventory allocation on an ongoing basis

10. Reporting
Monitoring varience between the demand source and your ad system. Comparing metrics across several monetization partners
Ad Requests
Matched Impressions
Filled Impressions
Fill Rate
Completion Rate
Device/ Device Type

Monitoring RTB Reports to identify major buyers
These buyes can be contacted directly to negotiate private deals
Copining reports from several monetization partnerrs: Determining net revenue, understanding seasonl trends, Setting up seasonal private offers