Apple To Mitigate Texting While Walking Epidemic: Transparent Texting

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Texting and walking. It’s a problem that a large percentage of the population faces. Your walking down the street, not looking ahead, glued to your cellular device trying to send a test, look up data on your internet browser or explore your favorite app. You know texting while walking is wrong but your phone becomes a magnet to your eyes and you find yourself continue to commit the bad deed.

Texting Walking

Texting While Walking..

Apple has realized the seriousness of this problem and the documented injuries that have occurred from people not realizing the dangers a few inches in front of them on the street. Recently, Apple has filed for a patent for a technology that utilizes the back camera to create a transparent live video background on your iPhone while while in “Texting while walking mode.” People who text and walk have little to no awareness of what is infront of them and rely on peripherals and the motions of others who are walking near them. This is not an effective tactic and leads to the texter to bump and stumble into people, objects and cars.

The technology works by simple pressing a button that enables text and walk mode. The bubbles of text will have a live background over the text. Will this technology prove to be effective or will it simply give people more of a reason to text and walk. What do you think?

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